African Proverbs

Proverb Ethnicity Country Discuss
There is no cure that does not cost. Ivory Coast
There is no medicine against old age. Kenya
There is no medicine to cure hatred. Niger
There is no one who became rich because he broke a holiday, and no one who became fat because he broke a fast Ashanti Ghana
There is no phrase without a double meaning. Ethiopia
Those who are absent are always wrong. Kenya
Though the palm tree in the jungle is big, who knows how big its yield will be? Congo D.R. (Zaire)
Thought breaks the heart. Liberia
Thunder is not yet rain. Cameroon
To have two eyes is cause for pride; but to have one eye is better than to have none Kenya
To love someone who does not love you, is like shaking a tree to make the dew drops fall Guinea
To make preparations does not spoil the trip. Congo D.R. (Zaire)
To one who does not know, a small garden is a forest. Guinea
Too large a morsel chokes the child. Ethiopia
Too much discussion means a quarrel. Mauritania
Try this bracelet: if it fits you wear it; but if it hurts you, throw it away no matter how shiny Ivory Coast
Two birds disputed about a kernel, when a third swooped down and carried it off. Kenya
Two eyes see better than one. Congo D.R. (Zaire)
Two flavors confuse the palate. Mauritania
Two small antelopes can beat a big one. Ivory Coast
Unless you call out, who will open the door? Ashanti Ghana
Virtue is better than wealth. Ethiopia
What has been blown away, cannot be found again. Kenya
What is bad luck for one man is good luck for another. Galla Ethiopia
What is inflated too much, will burst into fragments. Ashanti Ghana