Interested in culture, meanings,identity? Why not start at the beginning with your name?
Your name is your identity and a window on your culture and self. Your name links you with your past, your ancestors and is a part of your spirituality. The is a resource for African personal names and a meeting place for people interested in Africa, African culture and the African identity.

Taking on an African name if you are of African descent or culture is a way to make these cultural linkages.

Even if you are not black, African-American or of African heritage perusing these lists will enable you to delve a little into the rich traditions and heritage of Africa and so give you new perspective and understanding of your own rich heritage and traditions.

Amongst much else is intended to be the prime source for African and African related names, listed complete with meaning and correct pronunciation.

In Africa as in the rest of the world the birth of a child is an event of great joy and significance. Much importance is attached to the naming of the child.
The hopes of the parents, current events of importance and celestial events that may have attended the birth are all given consideration in naming the child. It is believed that the name chosen will exert an influence for better or for worse on the life of the child and on the family as well.

These names have been culled from all over the continent and are listed as much for your enjoyment, as for your information and inspiration. If you feel inspired to take on one of them, so much the better. They are listed by category; gender, African ethnic origin, meaning, African country and African region. We are constantly adding new names to our gallery so please visit us often. We now have an African proverbs section that you can access by the menus above, just so you also get a touch of African wisdom.

A Taste of Names

Name Meaning Country
Ainra lasting power Kenya-Tanzania
Riitho an eye to see with Kenya
Onuwachi Gods world Nigeria
Sijaona I have not seen Kenya-Tanzania
Tapera we are finished Zimbabwe

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